War of Crown Review

There is a new mobile gaming release that spelled festive among mobile gamers. The title is War of Crown, a mobile game tactical role-playing game (RPG) that invites you to adventure in an exciting and beautiful fantasy world. In it, you will be adventuring with characters with unique features that have special elements.

Game published by Gamevil is about a great war that has changed the world where the God of Darkness has released his evil troops to create chaos. It’s just that all the chaos that can be overcome and disappeared over the cooperation of all tribes. However, now the evil forces gradually begin to rise from the darkness. That’s what started the adventures of gamers in War of Crown.

When first entering into the game, follow the entire tutorial provided. When started, you can use two whizs, Eshirite and Lyllis. This is one thing that is quite important because in it there are a variety of tips and tricks to beat the opponent and the lesson about strategy to face the enemy. It’s just that, if you are the relaxed gamers who “bodo” about strategy, War of Crown brings Auto features with good intelligence (AI).

According to NBA Live Mobile , AI in this game is good enough in running tactics. AI will prioritize to attack opponents who have weak elements first. He also knows the right time to take out his moves. However, if you are a challenging hadcore gamer, Kru Kotga advises to run this game in manual features, because its excitement will be many times over.


In battle, you must pay attention to the elements of the enemy being fought as well as the elements of the character used. Because it will determine your achievements in every stage that is lived. There are five elements contained in this game, namely fire, nature, water, light and darkness. Each element has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, a strong fire against the nature, but weak to water. Nature is strong against water, but weak against fire. Water strong against fire, but weak to nature. While light and darkness is a strong element as well as weak against each other.

Apart from the elements of characters and opponents, the success of the battle is also determined from the stars that the character possesses. Yes, like any other mobile RPG, the higher the number of stars, the stronger the character. Only, to get a character with a high star is quite difficult.

Regardless of the battle, NBA Live Mobile Hack  comes with excellent 3D graphics, stirring animations, convertible viewpoints, and cool artwork. Some artwork is also there that move so as to make the atmosphere in the lobby more alive. Kotga’s crew also considered the background music presented in the War of Crown to match the fantasy friend who was appointed. So remember the good times playing tactical games in the console first, but this time with a cooler look.


From the hoopla of graphics and its gameplay, which is no less exciting than the War of Crown is the plot of the story. For you game enthusiasts with a deep story, War of Crown will satisfy your interest. In Story Mode, you will be treated to a story in a fairly long duration. You can make the conversation run automatically, or just skip it for you who can not wait to fight right away.

Overall, after trying the War of Crown, Kotga Crew judged that this is a complete mobile game tactics. Starting from the gameplay, graphics and also the flow of the story. In addition, for the “crazy” PvP, War of Crown also comes with real-time PvP feature that lets you fight with other players you do not know before. There’s nothing wrong if you download and play it right now!

Fastlane: Road to Revenge Review

A few thoughts for versatile diversions are smack yourself in the brow self-evident. Others are less so yet at the same time strike you as truly cracking cool once you give them a shot. Fastlane is one of those, a one-touch interminable vehicular battle diversion that plays like a gonzo Spy Hunter tribute however has much all the more going ahead to boot.

Space Ape Games, best known for fabricate and fight titles like Clash Royale astuce , is spreading its wings somewhat here, and that is something worth being thankful for. The center amusement technician is a basic one, as you essentially hold down on the screen to make your auto go and drag it side to side to switch paths. Your weapons shoot naturally, so your occupation is to ensure you’re keeping away from barricades, rockets and other approaching obstructions and making due to the extent that this would be possible.

While your auto begins off with an exceptionally Spy Hunter-esque automatic weapon, you can overhaul it with additional barrels and corner to corner shooting firearms in addition to additional reinforcement to enable you to take more hits. Many decimated adversaries drop catalysts of different sorts, and UAVs (also called automatons) are accessible to limitlessly redesign your capability, though temporarily. Truth be told one of the delights of this amusement is just appreciating all the devastation you can spread over the screen at one time.

Regardless of all your toys, there’s a lot of test to be had. The street accelerates the more you remain alive, and a few things flying at you prompt one-shot demise. Your essential target is to pile on a sufficiently high score by surviving and exploding stuff to constrain the supervisor of each level to show themselves — Clash Royale has a story that includes you tidying up a city area by segment to recover your past wonderfulness — yet there are regularly optional objectives to shoot for in return for understanding and in-amusement money.

While there’s a fun soundtrack to shake out to while you’re out and about, one of the amusement’s cooler components is Apple Music joining. You can change to that administration with only a couple taps, so in the event that you like to tune in to “Raspberry Beret” by Prince, a.k.a. the best melody ever, while gunning your way to the top, that is an alternative.

Space Ape additionally secured the interest of various YouTube identities, who enter the shred once you achieve level 22 (and that doesn’t take the length of you may think). Any semblance of Jelly, Slogoman, JoblessGamer and Epic Voice Guy appear with clever bits of exchange that present week by week occasions and give extra objectives amid gameplay. It could without much of a stretch be a negative ploy to pull in teenager and youthful grown-up gamers if fouled up, however it mixes in well with the tone and feel of everything else going ahead here.

Just two or three things keep the diversion away from genuine arcade-style flawlessness. One is the vitality framework, which is on the prohibitive side. This is a diversion worked for snappy play sessions, yet they can infrequently be over in a squint. The other is headway, on the grounds that while the amusement is liberal as far as approaches to step up, the notoriety objectives for new levels are high to the point that they basically can’t be beaten with the exception of by opening new autos, which must be finished by step up and spending tolerable measures of pearls, the top notch money.

Possibly the redundancy natural in Clash Royale could conflict with it too, however you’ll likely get yourself more propelled by methods for beating your longest run and found up in everything else it brings to the table. This is one of those portable recreations you didn’t understand you truly needed, and a greater amount of those are constantly welcome.

Xbox One White Released October 2014!

The availability of diverse colors from a console is certainly a separate excuse for gamers before deciding to buy it. After the PlayStation 4 is certainly present in a white bandage, similar things are also done immediately with Microsoft Xbox One.

In fact, the circulation of Xbox One with white is not a new thing. As previously known Microsoft had been distributing Xbox One special edition white to its employees. Unfortunately, not a few employees who actually sell their NBA Live Mobile coin hack .

Even so, Xbox One is reportedly ready to be released on October 28, 2014 is the official version that is intended for gamers. Condition, to get a white Xbox One gamers must buy it in bundling package with the game Sunset Overdrive.
The white Xbox One is said to be ready for sale on October 28, 2014, with the latest exclusive bundling of the game – Sunset Overdrive.

There has been no information how much the price of Xbox One white bundling with Sunset Overdrive is later. Microsoft also did not specify whether after the bundling period ended the white NBA Live Mobile will be sold separately or not.

With the availability of white color means Microsoft is not left behind with its main competitor. It’s interesting to see whether this new color and Sunset Overdrive game can boost Xbox One’s sales in the future or not. Let’s wait!

Latest Trailer FIFA 15 Performance Features Emotions Cast

The battle between the two biggest franchise football games in the world – FIFA and PES is a routine that is always interesting to be listened to every year. Both are always fighting to offer new features to pursue the quality of the game as realistic as possible, not only from the visual but also the gameplay innovation. The year 2014 is a pretty special year, considering the two franchises are finally officially fighting on the platform of new gaming generation – Playstation 4 and Xbox One. EA also did not hesitate to ensure the latest series – FIFA 17 coin generator  attracted the world’s attention. A newest gameplay trailer is finally released!

Having a chance to show off the Ignite Engine toughness that not only offers better player detail quality but also other extra visual features like breathable animation, faulty pitch, and moving hair, FIFA 17 this time releases a new trailer focusing on one word: Emotion. The players will now produce a more accurate reaction depending on the condition and position of the other players.

EA claims that the 22 players in the field will be interconnected, where each player will have feelings for the other players, who will evolve to be positive or negative depending on the course of the game. More than 600 animations are prepared to accommodate this. Not only players, they will also refine the reaction of a more lively and specific audience, depending on which team is playing, of course.

FIFA 15 is scheduled to be released on September 23, 2014 for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and of course – PC. Shaping really well, EA ..

Uncharted PS 3 Will Release for PS 4?

In the midst of the lack of exclusive games that can be positioned as a selling point, it is not a strange step if two console manufacturers are competing – Sony and Microsoft began to try HD Remaster process. In addition to a much simpler development process, the Remaster process like this also allows both parties to pursue potential that may have been missed in the previous generation releases. Microsoft is preparing a complete Halo package: Master Chief Collection for Xbox One, while Sony relies on The Last of Us Remastered ready to launch for PS4 later this month. One of the best Playstation 3 games of the past year does not seem to be the Dokkan Battle hack .

Shuhei Yoshida, in his interview with European gaming site – Eurogamer stated that Sony itself is still open the opportunity to do the Remaster process for other exclusive games. One of the strongest candidates is the other Naughty Dog mainstay franchise – Uncharted, whose fourth series itself is being developed for PS 4. Yoshida expressed his interest, although at the same time, trying to keep the PS4 from being flooded with the Remaster game. Yoshida reasoned that more than 50% of Playstation 4 owners do not currently have PS 3, making Remaster products a chance to enjoy the coolest franchises you’ve missed.
Sony opens the possibility of re-releasing dragon ball z dokkan battle  version of PS 3 for PS 4. The reason? More than 50% of current PS 4 owners do not have a PS 3, providing an opportunity for consumers to try out Sony’s flagship franchise itself.

Unfortunately, Yoshida himself did not explain which Uncharted series, of the three Uncharted PS 3 series under consideration for going through the Remaster process. How about you? Interested to buy Uncharted version of Remaster if true this project is realized?

Developer Murdered – Soul Suspect Bankrupt?

An attempt to hit the gaming industry with a unique game concept that has never been tested before, the first introduction of Murdered – Soul Suspect does show a promising potential. Standing under the enormous Square Enix flag that had even given a considerable spotlight in the early months, this anticipation unfortunately had to end in great disappointment. The problem has been seen after its popularity suddenly drowned and Square itself did not even bother to promote it when it was released on the market. You who had read our previous review of course already enough to understand why this game did not look as good and beautiful as imagined. But unfortunately, this bad performance was to be paid handsomely by the developers themselves.

Inadequate sales and reviews that mostly categorize it into standard games or even under it seem to be a big blow to Airtight Games. Silent and inaudible, Madden Mobile site actually presents a surprising fact related to this developer.
GeekWire’s visit to Airtight’s headquarters in Redmond revealed a startling fact. A tightly sealed office, massively sold office equipment, and uninhibited dignitaries indicate that the Murdered developer: Soul Suspect has gone out of business.

A visit to the Airtight headquarters in Redmond, Geekwire found the vacant office conditions with a variety of office equipment sold at hefty discounts. There is a paper that openly says “Closure”. Not only that, Airtight officials also no longer respond to the emails of journalists who want clarity of information. Bad indications also emerged from their own websites that are no longer updated, even writing Murdered: Soul Suspect as a game “Coming Soon” regardless of the release that has been skated a few months ago. Of all the things that happen this, it is likely that Madden Mobile coins hack  Games has gone out of business.

Neither Square Enix nor Airtight Games itself has yet to give an official statement about what is really happening. But if indeed this indication ends in the fact that we fear, of course it becomes something sad to see more developers who are no longer able to maintain their existence in the gaming industry. Goodbye, Airtight Games?

Les Privat League of Legends Opened in South Korea

How many of us dream to make video games our primary source of income? Combining a hobby with a job of course becomes a tantalizing concept, especially if it succeeds to gain the achievement and big name in the industry. With the eSports scene becoming more magnificent with great prizes, the desire to become a professional gamer grew into career choices that began to look rational. Unfortunately, the media to hone skills and abilities is so limited. In fact, there are times, the guidance of those who have stepped in advance in the professional arena will contribute greatly to the performance in the game. Something that is facilitated and grows into a new business in South Korea.

One of the largest eSports magazine in Asia, South Korea does see video games as a serious product. With a competition scene that thrives and accommodates those who want a professional career, service innovation to support it grows. True, not just competing, private tutoring services for Mobile Legends gamers in South Korea are being explored.
A private league service of League of Legends opens in South Korea – giving players the opportunity to get direct guidance from professional LoL players.
The service called “Punching” will make professional gamers as teachers, who will provide real-time tips and tricks for service users when they are playing. The “tutor tutor” can give instructions via voice chat or describe it via the existing screen game. The company itself has already recruited several pro LoL players such as SBS, LongPanda, Pecko, and Ring Troll in this tutor program. They also affirmed that such a system would also contribute positively to former pro-player LoLs who now have the opportunity to use their knowledge and skills even though they no longer compete actively.

Unfortunately, it is unclear as to what the pay mechanism or cost level should be spent by users of this service when launched in August 2014. One that is certain, in addition to Mobile Legends diamonds generator, they are also planning the same concept of tutoring for other MOBA on the rise in South Korea – DOTA 2.

FIFA 15 Performance New Visual Features!

The battle between the two most popular football game franchises – FIFA and PES do grow into an unavoidable annual ritual. Competition this year certainly look more attractive after both had offered different focus in the previous year. FIFA 17 hack monopolizes the competition of the new generation platform, while PES 2014 is focused on fighting in previous generations. Now, both are back in the same position and ready to fight all-out. After Konami who released some screenshots and teaser for PES 2015 some time ago, it is now EA’s turn to introduce more in depth FIFA 15. The latest trailer was released to showcase what innovations they offer on the visual side.

Still powered by the same engine – Ignite, EA enhances the visual experience he will offer in FIFA 15 later. A new trailer is intended to explain what innovations will be embedded. In addition to the details of players who are now performing better, FIFA 17 also adds breathing effects on every character model to impress a livelier game. The players’ hair is now also getting little movement effect.

Meanwhile, to create a more realistic atmosphere of gameplay, players’ clothing can now also change dirty as the game progresses, leaving stains of mud and clear grass. This effect does not only happen in the player, but also the playing field itself which will also be damaged depending on your action during the game. Small details such as a corner flag that will move if exposed to the ball are also offered in this latest series. Wow!

Unfortunately, EA itself does not provide more details of whether this effect will also be offered in the last-gen version: Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 later. One thing is for sure, it will be one of the selling points of course worthy of attention to the football game enthusiast who happens to be reinforced with the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course – a PC that has been confirmed will come with Ignite engine itself. Interested?

Godzilla Back Again Into The Game Industry and with walking dead road to survival

Are you a Godzilla fan? If yes, maybe the presence of this one game can further make you nge-fans with football lunge the giant monster.

Quoted from Famitsu, Bandai Namco recently revealed that they are preparing a special Godzilla game for PlayStation 3 consoles! Several screenshots of the game have also been released for curious walking dead road to survival gamers.

According to the company’s explanation, Godzilla is a mission-based action game. Through this walking dead road to survival coin hack game players will be able to feel the sensation of interest when the monster browse the city full of high buildings and residents.

In addition, gamers will also find a variety of special effects, color display, and camera angles are reportedly deliberately presented to evoke the spirit of Godzilla own movie. Unfortunately, not described further interesting features of what in terms of gameplay that can be enjoyed by gamers while playing this game.

Godzilla is scheduled to be released in Japan this winter. There is no clarity whether later Godzilla will also be launched its western version. After seeing some screenshots and trailers that have been available, how do you think?

Developer Sleeping Dogs make Free-to-Play Game with NBA Live Mobile

Most of you might agree if Sleeping Dogs performs quite well as an open-world game. The blend of Triad life in Hong Kong with gameplay that relies on hand-to-hand combat is the main attraction.

Want to repeat the success of Sleeping Dogs, the developer, NBA Live Mobile United Front Games, reportedly preparing the latest game and has been holding Nexon America as a publisher. Please note, Nexon is a South Korean company previously known as an online game publisher.

Interestingly, the new game will be released in Free-to-Play aka free to play! United Front Games itself is scheduled to attend this game in 2015.
In addition to the next-gen Sleeping Dogs sequel project, United Front Games is also busy preparing a free to play game for next year that is still a secret.

“We can not wait to unveil our latest work with Nexon America, we believe it will be a success,” said Stephen van der Mescht, an official from the United Front Games, as quoted by NBA Live Mobile coins hack .

Unfortunately, the company has not been willing to divulge further like what the new game. Even so, Nexon claims that the quality is equivalent to AAA games. Let’s wait!