Batman: Arkham Knight & Super Mario Run Unveils New Supporting Characters

Gamers game lovers Batman certainly can not wait for the next series, Batman: Arkham Knight. Moreover, with the focus of development into new-gen platforms, including PCs, no one if gamers hope this game will appear more captivating than the previous series.

As if to make gamers more curious, Rocksteady has just released a new trailer from Super Mario Run . One interesting thing about the trailer is the presence of iconic characters like Catwoman, Robin, and Nightwing.

In addition, Warner Bros. as publisher also explained that in his gameplay later Arkham Knight has Dual-Play feature. This feature allows gamers to replace characters that he controls between Batman, Catwoman, Robin, or Nightwing while fighting.

Although at first glance looks like a co-op, but Warner did not call it that. Most likely while gamers control certain characters, other characters will be controlled by AI. Batman and his team can perform combo attacks together.

Some other characters were also present in this trailer, for example Azrael, Commissioner Gordon, and Super Mario Run . As in the previous trailer, everything is wrapped with a visual pamper the eyes. Just to remind, BBatman: Arkham Knight will slide on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on June 23, 2015.

You can always submit responsibility for the development of racing games to Codemasters, and their cool intervention is enough to ensure a finished product that ends satisfactorily. At least this is what has happened in most of the racer games over the last few years. Not only busy developing F1 2015 which will eventually switch to a new generation visual, Codemasters was also memacui themselves to develop the latest series of its flagship racing game franchise – Dirt. Had rumored to be launching Dirt 4 for this year, Codemasters actually comes with another surprise. The surprises are ready to make fans of simulated racing genres around the world shouting for joy.

Codemasters finally released Super Mario Run coin cheats  to the market, at least through the Early Access scheme of Steam. While sliding for PC alone, Dirt Rally became the first and actual simulation game of Codemasters, which is intended for hardcore racing gamers only. No more menu to do rewind, no longer carelessly spur the vehicle and expect to get the perfect turn, you will be faced with a real racing situation. They even apply a system of damage to the car that you need to fix on the sidelines of the race with a limited engineer team. Codemasters claims to build their physics engine system from the ground up for this series.

Early Access version will offer more than 17 car variants and 36 tracks from three major locations – Wales, Monte Carlo and Acropolis to enjoy. Codemasters promises that there will be no microtransaction system here. You only need to purchase “tickets” Early Access which is now offered in the price range of Rp 212,399, – to enjoy this game in full. Slowly but surely, more cars and tracks will be offered through regular updates. Codemasters himself admitted that this series is “Super Mario Run ” for them. But the name they can not use considering the anticipation for the release of the console that usually always follow the main series. While currently, Dirt Rally is only for PC only.

Why Early Access? The answer is simple, Codemasters want to find feedback and offer a Dirt series that is desired by gamers. Is this kind of hardcore simulation gameplay more tempting? Or are gamers more interested in more arcade sensations? Anything produced by the Dirt Rally, recognized Codemasters, will determine the direction of the future movement of this franchise itself. But they themselves hope that this extreme approach will be paid sweet.

Mobile Legends review 2017

Some of you may be disappointed with the rumors that Sony may cancel the The Last Guardian project. How not, recently the trademark The Last Guardian reported abandoned.

According to documentation from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, a notice was sent to Sony in July last year, in which the contents were about the obligation to extend the trademark status of Mobile Legends

Since a few years before, Sony has always done an extension. However, at the last notice, there was no response from the Japanese company. Naturally if ultimately many who beropini The Last Guardian canceled released.

The good news, Sony immediately responded to the rumors circulating and ensure that Mobile Legends hack is still in the process of development! The confirmation is submitted directly by Sony to GameSpot website.

Unfortunately, no other information related to the extent to which the development of The Last Guardian. The last leak of the game is about moving to the new-gen console, PlayStation 4.

As is known, Mobile Legends hack was first introduced in 2009 and then for the PlayStation 3. Since then, the news about the development is fairly minimal and the status becomes unclear. Although today it is still a mystery, at least confirmation from the Sony can cause a return of hope from gamers who have long been waiting for The Last Guardian.

Trying to Survive in Outer Space

To further illustrate what his work was like, he and his team released a short trailer lasting about 2 minutes. After the trailer appears, many consider Adr1ft like a Gravity movie made in game form.

One thing that makes Adr1ft have the potential to be an exciting game is the support of Virtual Reality devices. Since the beginning developed, the developer is already planning to make games that are played with Oculus Rift. The goal is none other than that the experience of survival in outer space is more pronounced and get robux generator.

However, it does not mean having an Oculus Rift is a must. This game can still be played without a VR device on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Adr1ft will be published by 505 Games, with a possible summer of 2015 as a release roblox schedule.

To further illustrate what his work was like, he and his team released a short trailer lasting about 2 minutes. After the trailer appears, many consider Adr1ft like a Gravity movie made in game form.

One thing that makes Adr1ft have the potential to be an exciting game is the support of Virtual Reality devices. Since the beginning developed, the developer is already planning to make games that are played with Oculus Rift. The goal is none other than that the experience of survival in outer space is more pronounced.

However, it does not mean having an Oculus Rift is a must. This game can still be played without a VR device on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Adr1ft will be published by 505 Games, with a possible summer of 2015 as a release schedule.

The Witcher 3 Release: Wild Hunt Postponed Again!

If we talk about one of the most anticipated games today, then the name of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is definitely at the top of the highest list. An ambitious game from Polish developers – this Projekt Red CD does show tremendous appeal. A wider world than the previous series, a slick visual that deserves to be called the latest generation game, to a story that looks interesting makes it look as a solid RPG game. But the Projekt Red CD turned out to be faced with a complicated problem that continues to occur. That’s right, we’re talking about time and get cooking fever gems hack .

At the beginning of the introduction, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was planned to slide in the last quarter of 2014. Confessing it took time, they finally kicked the release into February 2015 and became one of the games that will accompany the solid release of the year. But that extra time seems not enough. CD Projekt Red re-announced the delay of release for the second time. This time is admittedly necessary to deal with the complexity and size of a massive world. Some important details are also a focus.

As we know, in the event the Game Awards 2014 last week, Cooking Fever also came up with a no less surprising announcement. They confirm that Geralt of Rivia is not the only character that can be used in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. A mysterious female protagonist character is also said to be chosen as a playable character. CD Projekt openly apologizes to all gamers for setting the previous release date that they themselves feel, too rushed.

So when will you be able to enjoy it? The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will now be released on May 19, 2015 to Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course – PC. Take your time, CD Projekt, we will wait here patiently ..

Tekken 7 Introduces New Character – Lucky Chloe

Anticipation of the latest fighting game project from Bandai Namco – Tekken 7 is getting stronger, especially with a myriad of screenshots and latest trailers released for him. But unfortunately a thousand dear, the desire to quickly taste this game seems to find a giant barrier wall that is difficult to pass. That’s right, especially if not distance. Although already confirmed before it will arrive on the latest generation platform and PC, Tekken 7 will be released first as an arcade engine for the Japanese region early next year. In addition to Unreal Engine 4 as the main engine bassi, Bandai Namco also injects many new gameplay features and of course – the latest characters, like this one and how hack roblox .


In the 20th anniversary celebration event for Tekken, Bandai Namco introduced a new character named Lucky Chloe. It is imaged with the appearance and style of a Japanese idol, but with the same fighting ability to turn it off. Cat costume costumes are one of the most recognizable features of this one. Unfortunately there is no further explanation of the background story and its relevance to the existing story thread. Scores of Lucky Chloe-related screenshots and gameplay trailers were also released to roblox cyberspace.

So far, Bandai Namco itself has introduced two new characters besides Chloe, namely Katarina and Claudio who also comes with a unique fighting style. Unfortunately, there is no clarity when exactly he will be released for the console and PC. That is one weird character ..

Payday 2 and Miami Hotline Collaborate!

Almost all of us who enjoy Hollywood action movies at least must have fantasized to be part of a crime organization syndicate, plan and execute various criminal acts, as well as look cool from him. One of the most commonly imagined scenarios? Of course, robbery along with your other friends. Surprisingly, despite the popular plot, the dream of living a “second life” turned out to be successfully facilitated by one big game name – Roblox. To make things more interesting? The developer – the new Overkill Software confirms a collaborative project with indie action games that are no less cool – Miami Hotline!

Overkill Software officially announced Payday 2: Miami Hotline, which will be distributed as DLC in the near future. You will be confronted by a new antagonist – a Russian mob named Commissar. And as predictable, this is where Miami’s Hotline content shines. The main protagonist Hotline Miami – Jacket will join this long-known team. The content of a typical Miami Hotline mask seems to be something to be offered in this one DLC. Not only that, you can also capture the atmosphere of a strong Miami Hotline through the selection of music they offer and how hack roblox 2017 .

DLC Payday 2: Miami Hotline itself is planned to slide on September 30, 2014 is priced around USD 6.99. Interesting again? Overkill adds “Day One” frills to the DLC, indicating that there is likely to be more collaboration in the future.

Tekken 7 Introduces New Character – Catalina

Almost most of the gamers lovers of the genre of fighting of course never tried the flagship game Bandai Namco – Tekken, regardless of the taste like it or not. The battle game in this three-dimensional model does have a fairly large fan base, with so many iconic characters born from the action of the series. Not surprisingly, animo welcomed the presence of the latest series – Tekken 7 is also large, especially considering the implementation of Unreal Engine 4 that will strengthen its identity as the latest generation of dragon ball z dokkan battle  games. The most anticipated? Of course the entry of some new characters that are already planned by Bandai Namco own.

Had gathered opinion polls related to the identity of the Middle East they were planning, Bandai Namco actually comes with a new character that looks much different – Catalina. With a design that spoils the eye, Catalina is positioned as a South American fighter character, described as a chatty character who will talk a lot when fighting. He will fight by using style – Cavate, a kind of martial arts kickboxing from France. Catalina will be positioned as a character that will be easily mastered by beginner players and will be included in Tekken 7 trial roster in October 2014 and you can visit here  to get dragon ball z dokkan battle hack .

Tekken 7 itself is still newly confirmed for Arcade system with trial process which will start next month. Bandai Namco itself still has not confirmed when this game will slide in full and what platform will be the landing site. Savate and sexy women indulge in the eyes? SOLD!

Iron Blade Review

Press Blade is unquestionably a splendid play. More often than not, the introduction is thin and exact, and there are many drops of blood to make them upbeat in-your-face players. However, the gleam is clear of this and you have that experience, however it’s not precisely void, it’s somewhat less.

There is a perfect thought here, and the inversion of the phenomenal portrayal of medieval Europe is entertaining. In any case, at last, the show pulls gradually and you are left with an amusement that is excessively dreary for its own great and get Madden Mobile 17 hack.

This illuminates some hacking issues and a third experience slice on the telephone, however in doing as such he figures out how to make more. It’s not ghastly, but rather you can not shake the inclination that it could be better.

This amusement sees you playing a cataclysmic Templar. There is a background marked by sin and evil spirits and different things, however that just coats to push you to another level of brutality.

The battle takes its sign Like Madden Mobile. You have two principle controls. Press the privilege of the screen to assault, press the left of the screen to make a move. The catches at the base of the screen enable you to trigger extraordinary moves when they are prepared.

It is a weakening of a natural framework, however works exceptionally well. The symbols will squint over foes as they will attempt to wound you, allowing you to respond with the parade and turn the tables.

Nothing goes between battles. Once you’ve tidied up the influxes of the terrible folks, your character will naturally be appeared on the screen. Everything went dark and he strolled with a cluster of crooks. Generally there are around four waves to backpedal to bits to complete the level. Your wellbeing won’t be refreshed between the remainders.

Your definitive objective past the fight is to raise numbers. You need to manufacture, prepare and modernize defensive layer and weapons to continue battling. This diversion will bolt you out level if your gear does not arrive, which is fairly irritating.

What’s more, getting new things is difficult. So you have a more seasoned level to pound your XP hardware level. At that point you need to touch different occasions to get the materials to create them. This is the place crushing reiteration is truly productive. What’s more, notwithstanding when you have better hardware, you generally do a similar thing.

This is grievous in light of the fact that there is a great deal of potential here. At the point when the amusement streams well, and you move around your foes redirect the blow, activating bolts and breaking awful buys with your shield, you feel just as you are truly a knight dozing from the comprehensible past.

You can likewise assault the base from different players, take their fortunes and manufacture self-protection by opening new characters as you play. Everything feels like it just, yet the grin stops and just the same old thing new is included for intrigue.

Press Knives do look great, and some of the time play splendidly. Yet, he rapidly slips into the old propensities for the portable, instead of grasping viciousness that is on the most fundamental level, bringing about work.

War of Crown Review

There is a new mobile gaming release that spelled festive among mobile gamers. The title is War of Crown, a mobile game tactical role-playing game (RPG) that invites you to adventure in an exciting and beautiful fantasy world. In it, you will be adventuring with characters with unique features that have special elements.

Game published by Gamevil is about a great war that has changed the world where the God of Darkness has released his evil troops to create chaos. It’s just that all the chaos that can be overcome and disappeared over the cooperation of all tribes. However, now the evil forces gradually begin to rise from the darkness. That’s what started the adventures of gamers in War of Crown.

When first entering into the game, follow the entire tutorial provided. When started, you can use two whizs, Eshirite and Lyllis. This is one thing that is quite important because in it there are a variety of tips and tricks to beat the opponent and the lesson about strategy to face the enemy. It’s just that, if you are the relaxed gamers who “bodo” about strategy, War of Crown brings Auto features with good intelligence (AI).

According to NBA Live Mobile , AI in this game is good enough in running tactics. AI will prioritize to attack opponents who have weak elements first. He also knows the right time to take out his moves. However, if you are a challenging hadcore gamer, Kru Kotga advises to run this game in manual features, because its excitement will be many times over.


In battle, you must pay attention to the elements of the enemy being fought as well as the elements of the character used. Because it will determine your achievements in every stage that is lived. There are five elements contained in this game, namely fire, nature, water, light and darkness. Each element has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, a strong fire against the nature, but weak to water. Nature is strong against water, but weak against fire. Water strong against fire, but weak to nature. While light and darkness is a strong element as well as weak against each other.

Apart from the elements of characters and opponents, the success of the battle is also determined from the stars that the character possesses. Yes, like any other mobile RPG, the higher the number of stars, the stronger the character. Only, to get a character with a high star is quite difficult.

Regardless of the battle, NBA Live Mobile Hack  comes with excellent 3D graphics, stirring animations, convertible viewpoints, and cool artwork. Some artwork is also there that move so as to make the atmosphere in the lobby more alive. Kotga’s crew also considered the background music presented in the War of Crown to match the fantasy friend who was appointed. So remember the good times playing tactical games in the console first, but this time with a cooler look.


From the hoopla of graphics and its gameplay, which is no less exciting than the War of Crown is the plot of the story. For you game enthusiasts with a deep story, War of Crown will satisfy your interest. In Story Mode, you will be treated to a story in a fairly long duration. You can make the conversation run automatically, or just skip it for you who can not wait to fight right away.

Overall, after trying the War of Crown, Kotga Crew judged that this is a complete mobile game tactics. Starting from the gameplay, graphics and also the flow of the story. In addition, for the “crazy” PvP, War of Crown also comes with real-time PvP feature that lets you fight with other players you do not know before. There’s nothing wrong if you download and play it right now!

Fastlane: Road to Revenge Review

A few thoughts for versatile diversions are smack yourself in the brow self-evident. Others are less so yet at the same time strike you as truly cracking cool once you give them a shot. Fastlane is one of those, a one-touch interminable vehicular battle diversion that plays like a gonzo Spy Hunter tribute however has much all the more going ahead to boot.

Space Ape Games, best known for fabricate and fight titles like Clash Royale astuce , is spreading its wings somewhat here, and that is something worth being thankful for. The center amusement technician is a basic one, as you essentially hold down on the screen to make your auto go and drag it side to side to switch paths. Your weapons shoot naturally, so your occupation is to ensure you’re keeping away from barricades, rockets and other approaching obstructions and making due to the extent that this would be possible.

While your auto begins off with an exceptionally Spy Hunter-esque automatic weapon, you can overhaul it with additional barrels and corner to corner shooting firearms in addition to additional reinforcement to enable you to take more hits. Many decimated adversaries drop catalysts of different sorts, and UAVs (also called automatons) are accessible to limitlessly redesign your capability, though temporarily. Truth be told one of the delights of this amusement is just appreciating all the devastation you can spread over the screen at one time.

Regardless of all your toys, there’s a lot of test to be had. The street accelerates the more you remain alive, and a few things flying at you prompt one-shot demise. Your essential target is to pile on a sufficiently high score by surviving and exploding stuff to constrain the supervisor of each level to show themselves — Clash Royale has a story that includes you tidying up a city area by segment to recover your past wonderfulness — yet there are regularly optional objectives to shoot for in return for understanding and in-amusement money.

While there’s a fun soundtrack to shake out to while you’re out and about, one of the amusement’s cooler components is Apple Music joining. You can change to that administration with only a couple taps, so in the event that you like to tune in to “Raspberry Beret” by Prince, a.k.a. the best melody ever, while gunning your way to the top, that is an alternative.

Space Ape additionally secured the interest of various YouTube identities, who enter the shred once you achieve level 22 (and that doesn’t take the length of you may think). Any semblance of Jelly, Slogoman, JoblessGamer and Epic Voice Guy appear with clever bits of exchange that present week by week occasions and give extra objectives amid gameplay. It could without much of a stretch be a negative ploy to pull in teenager and youthful grown-up gamers if fouled up, however it mixes in well with the tone and feel of everything else going ahead here.

Just two or three things keep the diversion away from genuine arcade-style flawlessness. One is the vitality framework, which is on the prohibitive side. This is a diversion worked for snappy play sessions, yet they can infrequently be over in a squint. The other is headway, on the grounds that while the amusement is liberal as far as approaches to step up, the notoriety objectives for new levels are high to the point that they basically can’t be beaten with the exception of by opening new autos, which must be finished by step up and spending tolerable measures of pearls, the top notch money.

Possibly the redundancy natural in Clash Royale could conflict with it too, however you’ll likely get yourself more propelled by methods for beating your longest run and found up in everything else it brings to the table. This is one of those portable recreations you didn’t understand you truly needed, and a greater amount of those are constantly welcome.