Bayonetta 3 & Madden Mobile Will Return Nintendo’s Exclusive?

Shown dazzling in the previous generation gaming console, Bayonetta was successfully catapulted the name of Platinum Games as one of the Japanese developers who can not be underestimated. The mechanical quality of the gameplay, theme, and character strength that the sensual wizard projected – Bayonetta did give birth to more expectations of future Platinum lunge. Expectations paid sweet through the Madden Mobile and MGR projects: Revengeance is no less fascinating. And now, after a long wait, exclusive cooperation with Nintendo for the Bayonetta 2 project is finally beginning to approach the release date – October 2014. There is no better time to talk about the future.

So what about Bayonetta 3 later if indeed an extra sequel is planned? Will Platinum take steps like Bayonetta first or strengthen cooperation with Nintendo’s case in Bayonetta 2? This question may be the source of curiosity for this huge fan base of action fans. Seeing the producer’s interview – Yusuke Hashimoto, it is likely the next Bayonetta series will be re-developed along with Nintendo. Why? Hashimoto called it a positive process.

In his latest interview with gaming site – CVG, Hashimoto openly expressed his desire to work together again with Nintendo in the future. He felt that the experience he got from Bayonetta 2 was something very positive. Nintendo gave Platinum enough freedom to let them channel the creativity, vision, and mission to Bayonetta 2. Interactions also work effectively and interactively, with input flowing from both sides. Hashimoto claims he learned a lot from Nintendo and will be very happy to do it again, in order to continue raising their “children”. A strong signal of Madden Mobile hack tool  exclusivity if developed.

Bayonetta 2 itself is scheduled to be released in October 2014, with an extra Bayonetta 1 bundle equipped with costumes of iconic characters Nintendo.

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