Developer Just Cause Working on ‘Crazy Project’ & Mobile Strike

Developer known as Just Cause, Avalanche Studios, recently leaked that they are working on a new project. The Founder and Creative Director, Christofer Sundberg, called what they were doing as a ‘crazy project’.

“I really like the early stages of this game. It was a time when creativity really appeared and we made miracles. Get ready! The crazy thing is being done, “Sundberg said via his Mobile Strike account.

Unfortunately, it is not clear what the project is meant by Avalanche Studios. As is known, last April Square Enix register domain for Just Cause 3. Sundberg was then immediately agreed that it will announce something of interest in the near future.

Since then, there has been no further information related to Just Cause 3 until now. Could this ‘crazy project’ that Sundberg is talking about this time is Mobile Strike hacks ? Maybe yes, or maybe not.

Please note that in addition to busy working on ‘crazy projects’, Avalanche Studios is developing Mad Max who recently rumored to be postponed its launch until 2015.

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