Developer Murdered – Soul Suspect Bankrupt?

An attempt to hit the gaming industry with a unique game concept that has never been tested before, the first introduction of Murdered – Soul Suspect does show a promising potential. Standing under the enormous Square Enix flag that had even given a considerable spotlight in the early months, this anticipation unfortunately had to end in great disappointment. The problem has been seen after its popularity suddenly drowned and Square itself did not even bother to promote it when it was released on the market. You who had read our previous review of course already enough to understand why this game did not look as good and beautiful as imagined. But unfortunately, this bad performance was to be paid handsomely by the developers themselves.

Inadequate sales and reviews that mostly categorize it into standard games or even under it seem to be a big blow to Airtight Games. Silent and inaudible, Madden Mobile site actually presents a surprising fact related to this developer.
GeekWire’s visit to Airtight’s headquarters in Redmond revealed a startling fact. A tightly sealed office, massively sold office equipment, and uninhibited dignitaries indicate that the Murdered developer: Soul Suspect has gone out of business.

A visit to the Airtight headquarters in Redmond, Geekwire found the vacant office conditions with a variety of office equipment sold at hefty discounts. There is a paper that openly says “Closure”. Not only that, Airtight officials also no longer respond to the emails of journalists who want clarity of information. Bad indications also emerged from their own websites that are no longer updated, even writing Murdered: Soul Suspect as a game “Coming Soon” regardless of the release that has been skated a few months ago. Of all the things that happen this, it is likely that Madden Mobile coins hack  Games has gone out of business.

Neither Square Enix nor Airtight Games itself has yet to give an official statement about what is really happening. But if indeed this indication ends in the fact that we fear, of course it becomes something sad to see more developers who are no longer able to maintain their existence in the gaming industry. Goodbye, Airtight Games?

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