Developer Sleeping Dogs make Free-to-Play Game with NBA Live Mobile

Most of you might agree if Sleeping Dogs performs quite well as an open-world game. The blend of Triad life in Hong Kong with gameplay that relies on hand-to-hand combat is the main attraction.

Want to repeat the success of Sleeping Dogs, the developer, NBA Live Mobile United Front Games, reportedly preparing the latest game and has been holding Nexon America as a publisher. Please note, Nexon is a South Korean company previously known as an online game publisher.

Interestingly, the new game will be released in Free-to-Play aka free to play! United Front Games itself is scheduled to attend this game in 2015.
In addition to the next-gen Sleeping Dogs sequel project, United Front Games is also busy preparing a free to play game for next year that is still a secret.

“We can not wait to unveil our latest work with Nexon America, we believe it will be a success,” said Stephen van der Mescht, an official from the United Front Games, as quoted by NBA Live Mobile coins hack .

Unfortunately, the company has not been willing to divulge further like what the new game. Even so, Nexon claims that the quality is equivalent to AAA games. Let’s wait!

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