FIFA 15 Performance New Visual Features!

The battle between the two most popular football game franchises – FIFA and PES do grow into an unavoidable annual ritual. Competition this year certainly look more attractive after both had offered different focus in the previous year. FIFA 17 hack monopolizes the competition of the new generation platform, while PES 2014 is focused on fighting in previous generations. Now, both are back in the same position and ready to fight all-out. After Konami who released some screenshots and teaser for PES 2015 some time ago, it is now EA’s turn to introduce more in depth FIFA 15. The latest trailer was released to showcase what innovations they offer on the visual side.

Still powered by the same engine – Ignite, EA enhances the visual experience he will offer in FIFA 15 later. A new trailer is intended to explain what innovations will be embedded. In addition to the details of players who are now performing better, FIFA 17 also adds breathing effects on every character model to impress a livelier game. The players’ hair is now also getting little movement effect.

Meanwhile, to create a more realistic atmosphere of gameplay, players’ clothing can now also change dirty as the game progresses, leaving stains of mud and clear grass. This effect does not only happen in the player, but also the playing field itself which will also be damaged depending on your action during the game. Small details such as a corner flag that will move if exposed to the ball are also offered in this latest series. Wow!

Unfortunately, EA itself does not provide more details of whether this effect will also be offered in the last-gen version: Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 later. One thing is for sure, it will be one of the selling points of course worthy of attention to the football game enthusiast who happens to be reinforced with the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course – a PC that has been confirmed will come with Ignite engine itself. Interested?

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