Godzilla Back Again Into The Game Industry and with walking dead road to survival

Are you a Godzilla fan? If yes, maybe the presence of this one game can further make you nge-fans with football lunge the giant monster.

Quoted from Famitsu, Bandai Namco recently revealed that they are preparing a special Godzilla game for PlayStation 3 consoles! Several screenshots of the game have also been released for curious walking dead road to survival gamers.

According to the company’s explanation, Godzilla is a mission-based action game. Through this walking dead road to survival coin hack game players will be able to feel the sensation of interest when the monster browse the city full of high buildings and residents.

In addition, gamers will also find a variety of special effects, color display, and camera angles are reportedly deliberately presented to evoke the spirit of Godzilla own movie. Unfortunately, not described further interesting features of what in terms of gameplay that can be enjoyed by gamers while playing this game.

Godzilla is scheduled to be released in Japan this winter. There is no clarity whether later Godzilla will also be launched its western version. After seeing some screenshots and trailers that have been available, how do you think?

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