Les Privat League of Legends Opened in South Korea

How many of us dream to make video games our primary source of income? Combining a hobby with a job of course becomes a tantalizing concept, especially if it succeeds to gain the achievement and big name in the industry. With the eSports scene becoming more magnificent with great prizes, the desire to become a professional gamer grew into career choices that began to look rational. Unfortunately, the media to hone skills and abilities is so limited. In fact, there are times, the guidance of those who have stepped in advance in the professional arena will contribute greatly to the performance in the game. Something that is facilitated and grows into a new business in South Korea.

One of the largest eSports magazine in Asia, South Korea does see video games as a serious product. With a competition scene that thrives and accommodates those who want a professional career, service innovation to support it grows. True, not just competing, private tutoring services for Mobile Legends gamers in South Korea are being explored.
A private league service of League of Legends opens in South Korea – giving players the opportunity to get direct guidance from professional LoL players.
The service called “Punching” will make professional gamers as teachers, who will provide real-time tips and tricks for service users when they are playing. The “tutor tutor” can give instructions via voice chat or describe it via the existing screen game. The company itself has already recruited several pro LoL players such as SBS, LongPanda, Pecko, and Ring Troll in this tutor program. They also affirmed that such a system would also contribute positively to former pro-player LoLs who now have the opportunity to use their knowledge and skills even though they no longer compete actively.

Unfortunately, it is unclear as to what the pay mechanism or cost level should be spent by users of this service when launched in August 2014. One that is certain, in addition to Mobile Legends diamonds generator, they are also planning the same concept of tutoring for other MOBA on the rise in South Korea – DOTA 2.

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