Payday 2 and Miami Hotline Collaborate!

Almost all of us who enjoy Hollywood action movies at least must have fantasized to be part of a crime organization syndicate, plan and execute various criminal acts, as well as look cool from him. One of the most commonly imagined scenarios? Of course, robbery along with your other friends. Surprisingly, despite the popular plot, the dream of living a “second life” turned out to be successfully facilitated by one big game name – Roblox. To make things more interesting? The developer – the new Overkill Software confirms a collaborative project with indie action games that are no less cool – Miami Hotline!

Overkill Software officially announced Payday 2: Miami Hotline, which will be distributed as DLC in the near future. You will be confronted by a new antagonist – a Russian mob named Commissar. And as predictable, this is where Miami’s Hotline content shines. The main protagonist Hotline Miami – Jacket will join this long-known team. The content of a typical Miami Hotline mask seems to be something to be offered in this one DLC. Not only that, you can also capture the atmosphere of a strong Miami Hotline through the selection of music they offer and how hack roblox 2017 .

DLC Payday 2: Miami Hotline itself is planned to slide on September 30, 2014 is priced around USD 6.99. Interesting again? Overkill adds “Day One” frills to the DLC, indicating that there is likely to be more collaboration in the future.

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