Tekken 7 Introduces New Character – Catalina

Almost most of the gamers lovers of the genre of fighting of course never tried the flagship game Bandai Namco – Tekken, regardless of the taste like it or not. The battle game in this three-dimensional model does have a fairly large fan base, with so many iconic characters born from the action of the series. Not surprisingly, animo welcomed the presence of the latest series – Tekken 7 is also large, especially considering the implementation of Unreal Engine 4 that will strengthen its identity as the latest generation of dragon ball z dokkan battle  games. The most anticipated? Of course the entry of some new characters that are already planned by Bandai Namco own.

Had gathered opinion polls related to the identity of the Middle East they were planning, Bandai Namco actually comes with a new character that looks much different – Catalina. With a design that spoils the eye, Catalina is positioned as a South American fighter character, described as a chatty character who will talk a lot when fighting. He will fight by using style – Cavate, a kind of martial arts kickboxing from France. Catalina will be positioned as a character that will be easily mastered by beginner players and will be included in Tekken 7 trial roster in October 2014 and you can visit here http://dragonballzdokkanbattlehacks.com  to get dragon ball z dokkan battle hack .

Tekken 7 itself is still newly confirmed for Arcade system with trial process which will start next month. Bandai Namco itself still has not confirmed when this game will slide in full and what platform will be the landing site. Savate and sexy women indulge in the eyes? SOLD!

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