Tekken 7 Introduces New Character – Lucky Chloe

Anticipation of the latest fighting game project from Bandai Namco – Tekken 7 is getting stronger, especially with a myriad of screenshots and latest trailers released for him. But unfortunately a thousand dear, the desire to quickly taste this game seems to find a giant barrier wall that is difficult to pass. That’s right, especially if not distance. Although already confirmed before it will arrive on the latest generation platform and PC, Tekken 7 will be released first as an arcade engine for the Japanese region early next year. In addition to Unreal Engine 4 as the main engine bassi, Bandai Namco also injects many new gameplay features and of course – the latest characters, like this one and how hack roblox .


In the 20th anniversary celebration event for Tekken, Bandai Namco introduced a new character named Lucky Chloe. It is imaged with the appearance and style of a Japanese idol, but with the same fighting ability to turn it off. Cat costume costumes are one of the most recognizable features of this one. Unfortunately there is no further explanation of the background story and its relevance to the existing story thread. Scores of Lucky Chloe-related screenshots and gameplay trailers were also released to roblox cyberspace.

So far, Bandai Namco itself has introduced two new characters besides Chloe, namely Katarina and Claudio who also comes with a unique fighting style. Unfortunately, there is no clarity when exactly he will be released for the console and PC. That is one weird character ..

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