Uncharted PS 3 Will Release for PS 4?

In the midst of the lack of exclusive games that can be positioned as a selling point, it is not a strange step if two console manufacturers are competing – Sony and Microsoft began to try HD Remaster process. In addition to a much simpler development process, the Remaster process like this also allows both parties to pursue potential that may have been missed in the previous generation releases. Microsoft is preparing a complete Halo package: Master Chief Collection for Xbox One, while Sony relies on The Last of Us Remastered ready to launch for PS4 later this month. One of the best Playstation 3 games of the past year does not seem to be the Dokkan Battle hack .

Shuhei Yoshida, in his interview with European gaming site – Eurogamer stated that Sony itself is still open the opportunity to do the Remaster process for other exclusive games. One of the strongest candidates is the other Naughty Dog mainstay franchise – Uncharted, whose fourth series itself is being developed for PS 4. Yoshida expressed his interest, although at the same time, trying to keep the PS4 from being flooded with the Remaster game. Yoshida reasoned that more than 50% of Playstation 4 owners do not currently have PS 3, making Remaster products a chance to enjoy the coolest franchises you’ve missed.
Sony opens the possibility of re-releasing dragon ball z dokkan battleĀ  version of PS 3 for PS 4. The reason? More than 50% of current PS 4 owners do not have a PS 3, providing an opportunity for consumers to try out Sony’s flagship franchise itself.

Unfortunately, Yoshida himself did not explain which Uncharted series, of the three Uncharted PS 3 series under consideration for going through the Remaster process. How about you? Interested to buy Uncharted version of Remaster if true this project is realized?

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