War of Crown Review

There is a new mobile gaming release that spelled festive among mobile gamers. The title is War of Crown, a mobile game tactical role-playing game (RPG) that invites you to adventure in an exciting and beautiful fantasy world. In it, you will be adventuring with characters with unique features that have special elements.

Game published by Gamevil is about a great war that has changed the world where the God of Darkness has released his evil troops to create chaos. It’s just that all the chaos that can be overcome and disappeared over the cooperation of all tribes. However, now the evil forces gradually begin to rise from the darkness. That’s what started the adventures of gamers in War of Crown.

When first entering into the game, follow the entire tutorial provided. When started, you can use two whizs, Eshirite and Lyllis. This is one thing that is quite important because in it there are a variety of tips and tricks to beat the opponent and the lesson about strategy to face the enemy. It’s just that, if you are the relaxed gamers who “bodo” about strategy, War of Crown brings Auto features with good intelligence (AI).

According to NBA Live Mobile , AI in this game is good enough in running tactics. AI will prioritize to attack opponents who have weak elements first. He also knows the right time to take out his moves. However, if you are a challenging hadcore gamer, Kru Kotga advises to run this game in manual features, because its excitement will be many times over.


In battle, you must pay attention to the elements of the enemy being fought as well as the elements of the character used. Because it will determine your achievements in every stage that is lived. There are five elements contained in this game, namely fire, nature, water, light and darkness. Each element has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, a strong fire against the nature, but weak to water. Nature is strong against water, but weak against fire. Water strong against fire, but weak to nature. While light and darkness is a strong element as well as weak against each other.

Apart from the elements of characters and opponents, the success of the battle is also determined from the stars that the character possesses. Yes, like any other mobile RPG, the higher the number of stars, the stronger the character. Only, to get a character with a high star is quite difficult.

Regardless of the battle, NBA Live Mobile Hack  comes with excellent 3D graphics, stirring animations, convertible viewpoints, and cool artwork. Some artwork is also there that move so as to make the atmosphere in the lobby more alive. Kotga’s crew also considered the background music presented in the War of Crown to match the fantasy friend who was appointed. So remember the good times playing tactical games in the console first, but this time with a cooler look.


From the hoopla of graphics and its gameplay, which is no less exciting than the War of Crown is the plot of the story. For you game enthusiasts with a deep story, War of Crown will satisfy your interest. In Story Mode, you will be treated to a story in a fairly long duration. You can make the conversation run automatically, or just skip it for you who can not wait to fight right away.

Overall, after trying the War of Crown, Kotga Crew judged that this is a complete mobile game tactics. Starting from the gameplay, graphics and also the flow of the story. In addition, for the “crazy” PvP, War of Crown also comes with real-time PvP feature that lets you fight with other players you do not know before. There’s nothing wrong if you download and play it right now!

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