Xbox One White Released October 2014!

The availability of diverse colors from a console is certainly a separate excuse for gamers before deciding to buy it. After the PlayStation 4 is certainly present in a white bandage, similar things are also done immediately with Microsoft Xbox One.

In fact, the circulation of Xbox One with white is not a new thing. As previously known Microsoft had been distributing Xbox One special edition white to its employees. Unfortunately, not a few employees who actually sell their NBA Live Mobile coin hack .

Even so, Xbox One is reportedly ready to be released on October 28, 2014 is the official version that is intended for gamers. Condition, to get a white Xbox One gamers must buy it in bundling package with the game Sunset Overdrive.
The white Xbox One is said to be ready for sale on October 28, 2014, with the latest exclusive bundling of the game – Sunset Overdrive.

There has been no information how much the price of Xbox One white bundling with Sunset Overdrive is later. Microsoft also did not specify whether after the bundling period ended the white NBA Live Mobile will be sold separately or not.

With the availability of white color means Microsoft is not left behind with its main competitor. It’s interesting to see whether this new color and Sunset Overdrive game can boost Xbox One’s sales in the future or not. Let’s wait!

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